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How to Order 

Cookies are $50.00 per dozen for 3 colors.

Cookies are $55.00 per dozen for 4 colors.

Add $5.00 for each additional color. 

Customer pays for shipping. I add a complementary 1/2 dozen cookies for orders out of the state of Idaho. 

All cookies are butter cookies.

Available in these flavors:

(1) Vanilla 

(2) Chocolate

Royal Icing is available in these flavors:

(1) Vanilla

(2) Rum

(3) Orange

(4) Lemon

(5) Lime

(6) Coconut 

(7) Strawberry

(8) Maple

Payment Method

I take deposits and payment via Zelle. 

My email address is:


The form will go to my email address.

I will contact you within 24-48 hours to manage your order.

I will need to know:

(1) What custom design you are interested in. You tell me.

(2) The date you need the cookies. 

(3) How many dozen you want to order (an order is a minimum of 2-dozen).

(4) How many colors you want per order. 

(5) What colors you want. 

(6) Your payment information via Zelle.

(7) A deposit of half is required. 

(8) Minimum order is 2 dozen (notify me 15-days in advance).

(9) Maximum order is 5 dozen (notify me 30-days in advance). 

(10) Shipping address.

(11) Do you prefer all-natural coloring (colors will be muted)?  

PayPal coming soon. 

diy paint pallet.jpg

Get in touch

Thank You 

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